Thousands Of Fresh Hot IM Leads On Your List Quickly and You Get Paid a Buck for Everyone That Hops On!

Stop Paying $0.30 - $1 per lead with Solo Ads! In Fact... Stop PAYING and GET PAID for Building Your List!

From the desks of Andy Brocklehurst & Barry Rodgers

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Do you know why you keep getting told that the money is in the list?

Because it's the truth.

And yet hundreds and thousands of wannabe IM'rs run around looking for quick fix, magic button solutions and even if they do build a list it's small and unresponsive.

It's time to stop fapping around, quit looking for the non-existant magic unicorn and his pot of gold under a rainbow and start doing the one thing that pays.

Building a profitable list.

So, you have an offer & a squeeze page..What next?

Next it's time for traffic...

Now, what do most of the cheesy gurus with their fake tans and equally fake Rolex watches say at this point?

They say you need to get your credit card out and spend on...

  • Solo ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Pay-per-view ads

To be fair it's a good model, but the subscribers will end up costing you between $0.33 and $1.50 depending on quality & type of traffic and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that a quality list of just 1000 people is going to set you back a grand!

That scares the sh*t out of most newbies.

And if that is too rich for you,  they suggest you....

Blog your fingers to the bone or make hundreds of You Tube videos is the hope that Google may send you some "free" traffic. There lies the road to madness and ruin (in most cases)

But there is one thing they DON'T tell you about...

So what if there was a way to pick up hundreds of subscribers for less than $30, and instantly monetize them so that you not only get that $30 back, but you pocket a few hundred bucks for your trouble?

What if there was a way for you to build your list and segment a brand new buyers list from it too?

There is a way.....

We are going to walk you through a hugely powerful list building strategy that will get you a pile of smoking hot, new and fresh subscribers every time you do it.

And most "Gurus" will never mention it for they believe that this method is "dead".

We will show you...with REAL, fully documented case studies, that is far from the truth

In fact, in the example test cases we go through, we've both picked up a cool $1000+ each time!
Yes! we added over 1000 subscribers and made a grand... In other words for every subscriber added to our lists... we got paid $1

Would you like a proven system like that?

Well, we are going to tell you exactly what our system is...

You don't have to buy the training or tools we are offering on this page to find out what this is and how it works.

Are we freakin mad? Why would we tell you that in the sales letter?

The bottom line is we don't want everyone and their dog to buy this.

We only want you to pick this up if you're going to USE IT.

OK here's the skinny...

  • Launch a FREE WSO.
  • Send everyone who clicked to a one time offer.
  • Cleverly monetize the download page and build in a cheap but clever as hell lead generator. (Very cheap and easy to set up, and totally hands-off, set it and forget it stuff).
  • Encourage downloaders to become affiliates for the free offer telling them they could give this away and make a great commissions on the upsell.
  • Add every downloader and buyer to a list and mail them from day one with an automatic follow up sequence.

    That's it. That's what I did. Plain and simple.

    Except along the way I employed some very powerful techniques and tricks to

    a) Get the best return quickly from the new list, and

    b) To give it a viral edge and to build me fresh subscribers to some other lists too.

    c) I also made some mistakes that I learned from and in the training we cover all the angles so you won't make the same ones! Not making these simple mistakes can doubled your results.
    Getting hold of our training will massively fast-track things for you, show you the insider tricks we employed, links to the resources we personally used and more.

Now, we know what you are probably thinking....

"Hold on a minute, it's OK for you two geezers who've been doing this stuff a while, who have already got lists and a great reputation online... but this isn't going to work for the average newbie or struggling warrior is it?"


OK, to be fair on your first go you'll probably stuff a few things up and you might not get the same results we did, but even if you only did one tenth as well as we did you'll have hundred hot leads and $100.

But we've made this so you don't have to stuff anything up and so you will be able to duplicate exactly what we've been doing and are confident that even a total newbie can do half as well as us on his/her first go if they follow our instructions carefully.

In my first test of this system...

I started a brand new list just for the experiment.

I hit over 440 subscribers within 4 days and that was all BEFORE I mailed my own customers and told them about this thing.

Watch these videos to see the proof...

But that's not all...Check this out...

Since we released this training, others have run with it and had equal successes

1K Whirlwind Reloaded

Now, it's your turn...

How easy would it be for you to literally copy what we did if you could watch over my shoulder as we set up one of these gorgeous little list builders?

That is exactly what you get to do because we've shot almost 3 hours of detailed video footage showing you the process from start to finish.

Then add to that two PDF case studies detailing additional times we set this plan in motion and you really are left with a no stone unturned, cousin billy-proof system for adding a bucket load of subscribers to your IM list and getting paid for doing it!

Here's what you're going to discover...

  • The fastest way to create a decent Free WSO product. We often get comments about the speed at which we pump out quality ideas. You get the real inside info, including how we do what others will tell you CANNOT be done!
  • How to monetize the free report (without just stuffing it with ads which is crass and crappy) even if you don't have other products of your own to offer.
  • How to Rapidly Create a Smoking Hot Upsell that People WANT to Buy.   
  • How to come up with ideas for winning products.
  • Watch me create one of these super rapidly done reports!
  • How to recruit JV Partners to spread the word about your free offer for you!
  • The complete structure we use for the funnel on our Free WSOs, how we handled delivery, including examples and screen shots of my actual funnel.
  • The insider tricks from our personal repertoire that we use when listing WSO's
  • What you must do in the forum post of a free WSO if you want it to be taken seriously.
  • How you MUST handle delivery.
  • The MASSIVE mistake I made (and ended up feeling like a dumb rookie for), but more importantly how I put it right and improved it too.
  • How to get further leads using a new service that hardly anyone knows about yet.
  • My red hot bonus tips for getting the most of your new list.
  • The down and dirty, get it done fast way of rebranding a PLR product to use as an upsell. Watch over Barry's shoulder as he turns a run of the mill piece of PLR into a sexy desirable stunner!
  • The secret sauce behind our download pages revealed on video for the first time!
  • Go inside my Warrior+ and Get Response accounts and see the results live (well live when it was recorded!)

Like I said - you don't have to buy this training.

You could go and look up our free wsos, download them and reverse engineer all the parts that make this work, figure out the subtle tricks I've worked into it and if you don't miss anything you'll know what you need to do and you can save yourself a few bucks.

But you're a twonker if you do that because you're gonna invest a ton of time into doing that and unless you really only value your time at $2 an hour (in which case quit IM and go flip burgers) you'd be crazy not to save yourself all the time and energy by buying this training.

You get...

  • Nine videos with a total running time of 2 hours and 45 minutes approx.

  • Two complete PDF case studies that sell individually for $10 - $15 each.

  • 60 Days Access to our live tutoring Facebook group where you can directly ask questions and share ideas about this system.


    A bonus Webinar with more Andy and Barry tips and tricks and a Q&A session

    New videos and more case studies added in the last couple of months...YES this is current 2015 training - it is working TODAY

    In short you get a can't go wrong, easier to follow than the Pied Piper guide to how we have repeatedly added a thousand subscribers to our list and trousered a grand in the process with three complete case studies.
1K Whirlwind Reloaded

On the fence? Here's what top marketers are saying about the 1k Whirlwind...

What are you waiting for?

So, are you serious about building a list?

With all of the proof we have that this sytem works...even for new marketers without a bunch of marketing buddies you would be insane to pass on this.

Look at the results our students have experienced. Look at what respected marketers are saying (many of them are replicating this system in their businesses and getting insane results)...

If the "over the shoulder" video and case study pdfs were not value enough...where else do you get to be part of a live tutoring Facebook group dedicated to a product? What would you give for that?

In fact, this product would represent incredible value at $97. You know why?

Because, follow along and apply what you learn and you could recoup 5-10x that amount with your first Whirlwind project. Others have...Why not you?

But we are not going to ask you for $97.

And we are not going to even ask for $47.

We are going to make this available to anyone who really wants to use it to grow their business...

So, today, you can get this whole product, including access to our live tutor $1k Whirlwind Facebook group for ....

1K Whirlwind Reloaded

Buy risk-free

If you do not see the insane value in this product and you do not want to take action and build your list, let us know within 30 days and we will send your money back.

Barry Rodgers

Andy Brocklehurst

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